CHANEY Unveils New Single ‘My House’

CHANEY Unveils New Single ‘My House’
Swindon-based artist/ producer CHANEY has just unveiled his super groovy single My House, taken from his 4-track debut EP, #SAVESWINDON, out today via Skint. I am loving the funky guitars and infectious beat that is perfectly fused with fizzingly clever, everyman lyrics. I'm going to play this when I have guests home, hehe! It's such an awesome track guys, it makes me want to dance and is perfect for the weekend that is just right around the corner!! Stream it below!

Speaking about My House CHANEY says:
’My House’ is a combination of experiences visiting your friend's new homes, houses, university halls, and also the memories of that slightly psychotic neighbour that lives on your cul-de-sac (the one that never says "good morning"), maybe that's me when I live in my dream house.

The entire EP is a beautiful example of CHANEY's gift to create super groovy dance music that just makes me want to close my eyes and surrender to the infectious beats he created here. Speaking about the project he said,
My #SaveSwindon EP doesn't necessarily sum up "life in Swindon", but more growing up and "life in a small town" - which for me (and half the nation) is pretty boring, but also pretty fucking special. There is a life (for many) outside of the bigger cities, the penthouse apartments overlooking the thames, expensive independent coffee shops, major record labels, millionaire drug-dealers - and I sometimes think these lives are over-shadowed or pushed aside.
Stream the EP below!

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