Oli Hannaford Unveils New Single "Considering Both Sides"
London-based, 22-year-old producer, singer, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Oli Hannaford has just unveiled his brand new single Considering Both Sides, the first track to be taken from his debut EP on Parisian label Splinterand. Featuring on this beautiful song is London-based indie/pop singer Marnato.

I wasn't expecting such a gem of a song guys because that intro does fool me but I am glad I kept listening and got hooked by Marnato's sweet vocals which are perfectly complimented by Oli's soothing vocals. Their harmonies are stunning and I really, really liked the delicate electronics, subtle flourishes and the beautiful piano keys near the end. It was the bassline that sealed the deal to me, though. It's highly addictive and got me in a trance-like mood. 

Loving the narrative of the song and how they sing about an unrequited love. If you're into soulful music backed by subtle electronics than you'll love this song! Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Oli said,
Considering Both Sides is an emotional account of the acceptance of being mistreated, but realising that to hate is the wrong thing to do and instead step back and try to be friends.

It’s a song that’s very close to my heart, with some of my previous tracks, like The Crown, deeper meanings were masked by quite buoyant production but there's nothing hidden here. I've known Marna for about a year now and I wanted her on the track because, well obviously she has a gorgeous voice, but also exactly the kind of voice that could tell the other side of the story I was trying to get across in the track.