Colour Film Unveils New Single ‘Open Road’

Colour Film Unveils New Single ‘Open Road’
Time for some smooth pop music. Canadian singer-songwriter Colour Film has just unveiled his brand new single Open Road, featuring Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies.

The song is so chilled out, with infectious guitar works and percussion wrapped around Matthew and Caroline's sweet vocals. A perfect song for those walks or road trips. Watch the official music video below!

Speaking about the song Colour Film said,
The song was inspired by a bike ride I took with my wife and two young daughters in the countryside one evening. At one point, they were up ahead of me a little ways and I caught a glimpse of them biking with a stretch of open trail curving off into the distance in front of them. I was struck by the idea of a person you love being an open road - taking you places inside yourself, opening possibilities, and shaping your path into the future. This thought and the mental snapshot of my family stuck with me, so I wrote the song the next day. The rhythm and melody remind me of biking with them, and we shot the video (which you can watch on Youtube) on the same stretch of trail where the song was inspired.

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