UPSAHL Unveils New Single "Rough"

Phoenix-based indie/pop artist UPSAHL has just unveiled her brand new single Rough, a song about feeling under appreciated. Her vocals are brilliant and the song has an addictive vibe. Really loving the guitar riff in the intro, that's what drew me in to the song and I was not disappointed with the rest: infectious hook, awesome vocals and a cool, sarcastic vibe to it courtesy of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The song sounds very effortless, and natural! I'm loving this song guys and I just had to share it with you. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song UPSAHL said,
 “Rough” is a song that I wrote with Tim Pagnotta and Brian Phillips. We wrote the song during our first session. I just hit it off with them and it only took us a few hours to write and record the song, so everything about this song came very naturally to us. They had the rad guitar riff that you hear in the intro of the song, and we basically just wrote the rest of the song from there. I had been playing around with the concept for “Rough” for a couple of weeks, so when I told Tim about the idea of a sarcastic/fun/badass song, I was so excited that he jumped on board. We basically just bounced ideas off one another, line by line of the song, and finished writing and recording the song within 4 hours. I feel like if a song is written that quickly/comes that naturally to everyone in the room, it’s something special.
This song was inspired by feeling under appreciated. I feel like sometimes in relationships and in life in general, people take the person they’re with for granted. Sometimes, shit happens and people will find any reason to complain, but in reality, life is never that rough if you are able to breathe and laugh and be with the person you love. I wanted to take this idea to the next level and turn it into an empowering song that would inspire people to know their worth and know how they should be treated. Basically, this song is a playful take on a situation where your significant other doesn’t realize just how lucky they are to be with you.
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