SnugHouse Unveil New Single "Irie"

SnugHouse Unveil New Single "Irie"
I've got a treat for you Folk lovers out there. Portland-based indie-folk quartet SnugHouse have just unveiled their brand new single Irie and it's a stunning single guys. The song is packed with killer harmonies, infectious melodies, awesome storytelling and a lively americana arrangement.

I'm loving their harmonies and those piano keys give the song an extra punch of emotion. Irie was written by Alex Millan and arranged by Nikhil Dasgupta. Speaking about it Alex said,
Leaving the city at the crack of dawn each morning cleared my head and shifted my perspective on life. I spent my days following the whims of a curious toddler. My insecurities and anxieties about the world quickly became superficial.
Stream this gem below!

SnugHouse is Nikhil Dasgupta, Alex Millan, Rosie Borden and Laura Pauline.
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