Mullally Unveils New Single "Vows"
21-year-old British neo-soul vocalist Mullally has just unveiled his brand new single Vows, out now through Atlantic Records. His lush powerful vocal delivery is what drew me towards this song and I was not disappointed. His rich vocals are backed by an awesome electronic production courtesy of Courage. Those  catchy electronics with pop sensibilities make the song highly infectious. If you're into smooth, soulful ballads with pop twist then you'll love this one. Check it out below!

Speaking about Vows, Mullally said,
Vows is a statement. It’s a way of expressing how much you want to commit to someone, even if you’re in a position that means it might be harder for you to do so. It’s quite an intense song, with a mature message so I wanted to bring the production slightly more current. Courage is an amazing producer and really matched the tone of the record.