Molly Hammar Unveils "SEX" EP
Swedish pop sensation Molly Hammar has just released her brand new EP, SEX, out now via Cosmos Music and co-produced by fellow Swedish artist/producer Lucas Nord and Nils "Melo" Tull. The EP features lead single Bath Tub Moments,  previous single Blossom, plus three additional brand-new singles, Boy Tears, Drive and One Night as well as a bonus track.

The EP is a brilliant piece of smooth and sensual R&B where her lush vocals shine bright! SEX is the way of Molly writing about sexuality from a woman's perspective and it does sound amazing! The songs ooze sex from all sides, refreshingly bashful and deeply personal at the same time! Stream it below!

Speaking about the EP Molly said
I've been listening to so many RnB artists singing about sex in a very stereotypical way and thought it was about time that a woman got to tell her story and talk about sex from another perspective. I'm feeling powerful, I'm free and proud to be a woman and I want the world to realize that it's ok to talk about these things.
Speaking about the collaboration Lucas Nord said
When the EP concept was presented to me by Molly, I immediately knew this was gonna be something great and that I had to be a part of it. She is one of the best singers I've ever heard and to work with her and one of my closest friends Melo has been a dream. I feel like we really managed to take the songs to that place we intended to and I'm incredibly proud of them. This will shine a new light on Molly as an artist and showcase a completely new side to her which I'm very excited for people to see. 
My favourite songs are One Night, Boy Tears and Blossom