Maths Time Joy
Grammy nominated British producer & songwriter Maths Time Joy has just released the choreographed video for his latest single, Only You, featuring Nashville native JMR.

The video was created by the three Italian dancers who feature in it. They werr inspired by the track and created this stunning piece that they dedicated to a close friend. They weren't commissioned to create the video but on seeing it Maths Time Joy knew it was the perfect piece to accompany the single as he stated
I've seen many videos that people have created to accompany my tracks, but this one stood out as exceptionally beautiful and a great interpretation of the emotion of the track.

This song is taken from Maths Time Joy's latest EP, Sunset Motel, which also includes the previous singles Misunderstood, featuring Asal Hazel, and Cut Them Loose, featuring Ayelle. You can stream the EP below!

Explaining the concept behind the EP Maths Time Joy says,
The EP is loosely based around the concept of an EP called Sunset Motel, and a couple there who go through a break up and then get back together over the course of the 5 songs. I knew the songs fit into the theme so the running order was important for the tracks on the EP to re-enforce the story, but I also wanted the artists featured on the project to have their own interpretation and stories to tell without being tied into the story so much. I like the idea that the songs and themes can mean multiple things to different people. The artwork definitely helped too, to visualise the concept, I'm a big fan of Patrick's photography.”