KOAD Unveils New Single "Escape"

KOAD Unveils New Single "Escape"
Time for some super sweet and addictive piece of Folk/Pop music! Los Angeles-native 15-year old singer-songwriter, rapper and producer KOAD has just unveiled his brand new single Escape and the song is pure pleasure to listen to.

Escape is an ukulele-driven track, with beautiful vocals and a heartwarming melody. Joining KOAD on the track is Samantha Gartland who adds somewhat of a vulnerable, ethereal-like vibe to the song. This is such a beautiful song guys perfect for those campfire moments. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song KOAD said,
I made escape as a track that would be sung by a close group of friends all around a campfire having that peak moment in their friendship where they are all just singing their problems away. i wanted the song to give a childish, playful approach to all the real life shit that we go through but don’t talk about much.
Escape is different from KOAD's traditional new-wave hip-hop style, with an acoustic instrumental and child-like vocals as opposed to a gritty bass line. The cover art of the track suggests a playful, colorful, and innocent vibe.
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