Elephante Drops Summer EP ‘Glass Mansion’
L.A-based DJ/Producer Elephante has just dropped a gorgeous summer EP titled Glass Mansion. This 9-track project features his acclaimed hit singles Troubled, feat. Deb’s Daughter, Come Back For You, feat. Matluck, The In Between, feat. Anjulie, and Have It All, feat. Nevve. 

To these amazing pieces of dance music he added 5 new tracks that make this album a perfect soundtrack for the summer. Knightly joins for a duet on All Over Again, which boasts a catchy melodic riff set to kickstart any summer playlist. No Room For Lovers, featuring Crystal, delivers a funky upbeat guitar riff that nod to Elephante’s pop influences, whilst his contrasting track Red Smoke explores glitchy synths and bellowing basslines, demonstrating an envious amount of versatility to his productions.

Nevve’s celestial vocals feature on the trap-influenced Otherside, and closing the EP we have the feel-good title track Glass Mansion where Elephante celebrates his love for dynamic synths and earth shaking drops that demonstrates once again his trademark fusion of pop and dance. Stream this project below!

Commenting on his work, Elephante explains how 
Glass Mansion is about wanting more. It’s the dream that we’re chasing, no matter how beautiful and strong what we build is, it’s ultimately fragile and one stone could bring it all down.