Nolton Lake Unveils New Single "Fading Slow"

Nolton Lake  - Anahata
Montreal-based singer/songwriter Nolton Lake has just unveiled a gorgeous song called Fading Slow. I'm a sucker for acoustic guitar-based melodies and this one just made my day. Also Nolton's vocals are so sweet and and somewhat of an ethereal vibe to it. The melody got me hooked after the very first few seconds of the song! Nolton delivers a mesmerising piece of acoustic/folk music that just brightened up my day. Stream it below!

Fading Slow is taken from his album Anahata which Nolton dabbles with other instruments such as the Indian Sitar, the Australian didgeridoo, the Ukulele and the Mandolin. He is incredibly talented and creates such amazing melodies! My favourite tracks are Clouds, Love And Friends, and All My Blessings