Madeleine Opira Unveils Debut Single "Can’t Undo"

Madeleine Opira Unveils Debut Single "Can’t Undo"
Soul singer/songwriter, writer and activist Madeleine Opira has just unveiled her brand new single Can't Undo. The song has a beautiful piano-based melody, super smooth production and meaningful lyrics which showcase Madeleine's writing skills. Speaking about the song Madeleine said,
This song is about when you’re caught up in your own thing and you fail to see or hear someone that matters. When you finally listen it is too late and you can’t undo what is done.
It was that piano that got me hooked to the song but also when that bass beat jumps in it just makes the song sound even better. It's a lovely piece of Contemporary R&B with Electronic Pop elements. Very catchy and you can stream it below!

Madeleine grew up in Stockholm and has roots from Uganda where her family had fled the regim of Idi Amin as political refugees. As an activist Madeleine founded the A Million Minds organisation that aims to change perspectives and work for equality.
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