Jordan Lomeli Unveils New Single "No Wrong"

Jordan Lomeli
Time for some soulful music! R&B and Soul singer/songwriter Jordan Lomeli has just unveiled her brand new single No Wrong.

Here Jordan showcases her beautiful, sultry vocals that flow effortlessly over the piano-based melody. I'm a sucker for R&B and Soul music and this one is right up my alley! Stream it below!

Speaking about No Wrong Jordan said,
Being in love and being infatuated are two different things. I really thought for a long time i was in love with this person, but it was really lust and infatuation. I knew it was infatuation because even in the moments when he truly was wrong, he was constantly excused, because I had an overly glorified image of him. Nevertheless, I was enthralled by him that I perceived my compromises as genuine happiness.
Jordan is of Mexican + Asian descent, with Spanish being her second language, music, her first. Deeply rooted in classical music, Jordan has studied piano + cello from a young age. This eclectic young musician exists outsid