Ianick Unveils Cinematic New Single "Kingdom"

Ianick Unveils Cinematic New Single "Kingdom"
Hey guys! I've got a gorgeous piece of electronic music for you! Norwegian DJ/Producer Ianick has just unveiled his brand new single Kingdom, the lead single of his latest EP Immaterial, out now. This awesome track features fellow Norwegian vocalist Birger Heimdal and has quite a heavy punch to it. I love how it starts off smooth and then builds up into a powerful piece of dark electronic music. The song is beautifully produced and has somewhat of a dystopian tone and cinematic vibe to it. Stream Kingdom below!

What drew me to this song was that dark cinematic production of the song, which took me to a post-apocalyptic society. It is perfect for the soundtrack of any futuristic movie. If only I was in the film industry, I'd get the song asap into a soundtrack.

Speaking about the song Ianick said,
What the song is about, to me, is how people today get so lost in the "hype" around the lives they live. It seems as though everyone are so busy excelling in a fabricated lifestyle - so I ended up writing a song where I pictured people proclaiming themselves "kings" over "kingdoms" that aren't real except if everyone agrees it's real. I felt the cinematic touch helped sell the point, so I really hope my point somehow came across!
Kingdom is my favourite song from this EP and is definitely the stand out of the project, alongside Ember. Stream Immaterial below!

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