Vasser premieres new single "Valerians"

19-year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Vasser returns today with a brand new single titled Valerians, taken from his upcoming sophomore EP. Loving the overall smooth and laidback vibe of the track!

Valerians marks a further step out of the shadows for Vasser, though its primary influence is in fact those darkest hours themselves: the track takes its title from the sleeping tablets of the same name, but effectively explores the death of a relationship and the clarity thereafter which can cut through the most crowded mind (waking you up in more ways than one). It's these moments of late-night lucidity which feel most apparent across Valerians, whose nuanced mix of organic textures, atmospheric electronics and an increasingly confident focus on songwriting and vocals easily marks it out as Vasser's most distinct release to date. Stream it below!