Jens Kuross shares Vol 1 of new project "Art! At the expense of mental health"

Jens Kuross shares Vol 1 of new project "Art! At the expense of mental health"
Jens Kuross has just unveiled the first of 3 volumes of his current project Art! at the expense of mental health, released on the Aesop label.

Wow guys! This is a brilliant piece of alternative music! The full 4-track Vol. 1 is a beautifully eccentric body of work which follows a journey through the mind of one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the game today. Across the 4 tracks, Jens builds a mesmerizing story of love lost and found, littered with moments of both despair and climatic transcending hope. Within the constraints of each track, he manages to capture a singular feeling, using his direct and affecting vocal alongside a wizardry of electronic layering. It’s simplicity at its most arresting.

Hands down my favourite track is I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost, an emotional and reflective track with a beautiful piano melody backing his distinctive vocals. Another track I love is Forgive or Forget, also due to the piano and the melancholic vibe of the track! Stream the project below.

This week, the LA based singer-songwriter played a sold-out headline show at London’s Servant Jazz Quarters to celebrate the release of the new EP. He’s in town because he’s been touring with long-term friend Rhye, supporting him across his UK dates, trying out the new music in an arena which he has always thrived in – live performance. Amongst his set-list was the ethereally intimate I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost – the track which introduced Art! at the expense of mental health earlier this Spring.
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