Gus & Jim Unveil New Single "Rushing Through My Veins"

Gus & Jim
Australian based indie-rock duo, Gus & Jim are back with their second single, Rushing Through My Veins. For the last 12 months since their debut single release, Gus & Jim have both been honing their songwriting and production skills, which has resulted in a new track that has improved in leaps and bounds since Boyhood but one that still explores similar themes and retains Gus & Jim’s unique sound.

Rushing Through My Veins is a smooth cut, buoyed by the ambient and evolving soundscape within. As the track continues, the energy begins to build to a crescendo which will give goosebumps to even the most seasoned of listeners. Watch its official music video below. 

Rushing Through My Veins is a song which continues to explore the themes explored in Boyhood, but through the eyes of Gus & Jim as they are now, as musicians just starting to find their feet on the international stage.
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