Gabriel Vargas Unveils New Single "Like Wolves"

Gabriel Vargas Unveils New Single "Like Wolves"
Australian musician, Gabriel Vargas has just unveiled his brand new single Like Wolves. This is a deeply personal song, with Gabriel speaking out for the first time about sexual abuse (within his family) and how he wants to give power to those who have suffered by encouraging strength through growth. It’s a pretty intense subject and also a really brave move for Gabriel, and the result is a really special song and music video with a strong message for all. Watch it below!

This powerful song has a Native-American vibe, courtesy of the flute, and it also has somewhat of an anthemic vibe to it. Speaking about the song Gabriel said,
Like Wolves is not only a single release in the physical sense but also a cathartic release spiritually and emotionally…it feels like slowly removing the bandage of an old wound – the marks of the past are still there, but there is a newfound strength and hope for the future. Initially, it was written about a disagreement I had with my mother, which really was a by-product of a much larger energetic shift and recalibration happening within my family. In 2009 my step-father committed suicide and that had thrown the family dynamic into a bit of a tailspin whereby other revelations came to surface...including that of sexual abuse, of which I and my sister were directly affected by (I prefer not to use the word "victim" as it implies helplessness and it is something which has now been integrated and transformed into "empowerment"). So, this whole period really required the stripping away of a facade which had been outwardly projected as a "picture perfect family" ...and with that came the inevitable arguments and disagreements, as we all went through a metamorphisis both collectively and individally. For me, this whole process conjured up the spiritual image of fire and the burning of the old to welcome the new...and understanding the "wolves" that we each hide behind..which was based on an old Cherokee Proverb Two Wolves.
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