Francobollo experiment with green screens and digital footage degradation on new video

Francobollo experiment with green screens and digital footage degradation on new video
Swedish, London based band Francobollo are sharing the video for their new single Hoo Ha — the first single to be released since their acclaimed 2017 debut album Long Live Life.

Francobollo are never ones to do things the boring way. With their latest visual experiment, they took what might appear at first to be a generic performance video, and then went ahead with the goal of completely breaking it in post-production. Watch it below!

Speaking on the video which they directed and made themselves, the band said:
We've always enjoyed making our videos together with the remit to never make something boring. Boredom is death. Usually we play around with story, but this time we wanted to take a performance video and see how we could break it in the editing stage. So we had a lot of fun experimenting with green screen and with physically degrading the actual data of the footage frame by frame so that the compressor would get confused. It crashed our computer many times - a process we enjoyed as well. So that made it into the video.
Produced by Charlie Andrew (alt-J, Sivu, Marika Hackman, MONEY etc) - 'Hoo Ha’ is an exemplary return from the unpredictable 4-piece. Speaking a little more on the new track, frontman Simon said:
Hoo Ha is a song that came out of a jam. It sounded like a riff that Hoo Ha’s (one of our favourite bands, and dear friends of ours) would play. We named it “Hoo Ha” straight away. When it came to write lyrics, I thought: What does Hoo Ha mean to me? Immediately I thought of the Houses of Parliament, and the way British politics are. And here it is.
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