Francis Novotny shares new track "The Wire"

Francis Novotny shares new track "The Wire"
Hotly-tipped singer and producer Francis Novotny has unveiled his brand new single The Wire, which is available today on Black Butter Records.

I love his soulful crystal-clear falsetto mixed with soulful keys and infectious electronics with an overall atmospheric vibe to it. The Wire captures that addictive quality of a nonetheless-toxic relationship, and the feeling (says Francis) "when a person leaves you hanging on without answers - and you know you should get out of it - but you keep winding back towards them." Stream it below!

A mercurial young talent, Francis Novotny is a singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist already displaying an inventive, restless creativity. Originally hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, he was raised on the eclectic record collections and role-model influence of five older siblings, before moving to Paris shortly after school; ostensibly, to study French, but in reality to work on his music in the relative peace of a quieter household. Here, Francis found his voice (quite literally) in the crowd: now Novotny draws on a colourful and varied mix of styles (glitch-hop, R&B, electro-soul), seemingly as influenced by the worldly, textured electronics of Hudson Mohawke or Cashmere Cat as the genre-mutating qualities of Gorillaz.
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