Veronica Bianqui Unveils New Single “Sunday Cups”

L.A.-based artist Veronica Bianqui has released a soulful new single titled Sunday Cups, that infuses elements of blues with her traditional garage-pop wheelhouse.  The single is stripped-down in nature, helping to emphasize the solemn mood in Bianqui’s understated vocal delivery.  The highly metaphorical lyrics are a satirical stab at the social pressures preventing many from wearing their heart on their sleeve. Stream it below!

Produced by both Veronica Bianqui and Matt Adams (of The Blank Tapes), Sunday Cups showcases Bianqui’s clever songwriting as well as her instrumental prowess. Speaking about the song Veronica said,
The lyrics are essentially a tongue-in-cheek criticism about the social pressures many of us feel sometimes to not put our emotions on display. Often we hide what we are really feeling for fear of stigma, and we keep our emotions contained.
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