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Ticket Crusader
New Year means more concerts to look forward to, if you manage to get tickets. I have lost count of the times I went to buy tickets just to see the shows sold out and then see tickets on the secondary market at ridiculous prices. Not to mention the amount of hours I’ve spent browsing the web for tickets and information on shows I wanted to attend for then missing the opportunity to go because I couldn’t get tickets!! 

I believe that some of you music lovers out there have shared my pain at least once. Now I came across a website that will save me time and give me tons of information about upcoming music and sports events.

On Ticket Crusader, you get a lot in just one place: ticket buying tips and tricks (including how to buy last minute tickets and discount codes), presale passwords (From ticket vendors like Ticket Master and Live Nation), tour announcements, information on shows, and much more. Moreover, the best of all this is that the information they offer is FREE! Yes, free! You can even make a request about presale passwords or ticket price predictions that you could not find on the website!

Aside from all this, they also include festival guides and event information on music festivals from Sasquatch to Coachella. Therefore, I get all the information I need in just one place, saving me time and giving me tips on how to save money with tickets. I had to share this with all of you that want tickets and want the best deals possible!
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