TALMA’s New EP out now

London based alt-rock 5 piece TALMA have unveiled their second EP, Out To Sea. The title track is the band's most ambitious cut to date. A song of two halves, it starts as a poignant and melancholic reflection on the concept of mortality before morphing into a dazzling progressive outro replete with urgent guitars that rush through the mix like the racing of a restless heart. As drummer Johnny Harrison explains:
Many of our artistic influences write about death in their music - The Smiths, Nick Cave, Pink Floyd. In my own writing I sought to approach the subject from a positive viewpoint, or at least a bittersweet one. ‘Out To Sea’ is about being comfortable with the concept of mortality, an acceptance that can afford us a sense of opportunity in fleeting moments and a perception of fate that gives rise to purpose. The culmination of the track in the second half instrumental almost expresses the ecstasy that comes with these realisations - we can embrace the absurdity of it all.
The EP was produced by Jason Wilson and showcases some of TALMA's most powerful and intricate works to date. Taking inspiration from rock music’s most innovative artists including Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, The National and Radiohead, the EP is defined by the dexterity of its guitar led arrangements and a poignant lyrical anxiety regarding the modern world. Themes of loneliness, isolation and upheaval are explored with a sense of romantic optimism, showcasing a musical offering that proves that TALMA aren’t just another glib or fanciful indie group. Like their heroes, they’re conscious of the power of rock as an art form primed to tackle timeless concepts and get to the heart of what it means to be alive and to be human. Stream it below!

TALMA are set to perform at Camden's The Black Heart in London on April 5th!
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