O-SHiN shares new single ‘Aimless’

Rising alternative pop artist O-SHiN has released her brand new single Aimless. Fronted by a raw piano chord movement alongside O-SHiN’s fragile, stirring vocals - Aimless quickly opens up into alt-pop perfection. Swirling electronics, pounding percussion and samples from the forest - all combine to create something very special and totally unique. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song O-SHiN said,
It's maybe one of the most honest songs I’ve written. I found myself caught up in the thought of how many people have walked on this earth and are totally forgotten. Only a few famous names will be remembered but the majority are completely gone. And it’s most likely this will be us in a few generations. Still so many of us feel the urge to do something meaningful with our time on earth - 'Don’t let me go nameless ' don’t let me die aimless’.
Born to Russian immigrant parents in Germany, O-SHiN took her first steps into music as a solo artist in Holland 2 years ago, before eventually finding her artistic destiny in a lonely cabin in Sweden. Quite the journey.

It was when O-SHiN moved to a cabin in the Swedish countryside with five befriended musicians, producers and a video artist, things really began to click. After spending time in numerous sessions with many different producers in Stockholm, she felt the urge to seek inspiration surrounded only by nature and trusted friends. ‘Aimless' is the fruit of that labour in the Swedish countryside.

Whilst in the Swedish cabin, they all started to collect and sample sounds from the forests, lakes, rivers and landscapes that surrounded them. Utilising a huge collection of exotic instruments they found in the barn, O-SHiN took the ideas that were formed during this summer and finished the production in Berlin, where she moved straight after Sweden.

The experience of this summer in Sweden turned out as the foundation the new project called O-SHiN. She said,
It was a big adventure for eveyone involved. The location was dreamlike and had so much more to give than expected – like the collection of crazy instruments I've never used before. The lake, the campfire, the calmness in nature and making music. There's nothing more beautiful to me then recording music like that.
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