No No Yeah Okay Release "Cabal" EP

No No Yeah Okay Release "Cabal" EP
Indie-electronic band, No No Yeah Okay, have released their creative new EP, Cabal, a beautiful collaboration of distinct sounds that you’ll find hard to step away from. The 5-track EP is a collection of electrifying and whimsical harmonies joined with feel-good vocals helps strip down reality around you and face the rawness of truth. If you're into synth-heavy track with infectious melodies than this EP is perfect for you. My favourite songs are What Can I Say and Boulevard. Stream it below!

Member and producer Mark Gage explains,
Cabal is all about this idea of identity. Identity is a really abstract, but powerful concept. Each song plays off a few variations of identity: how do you identify yourself, how do others see you, manipulating your identity to fit in with other people, and recognizing that you’re losing your identity.
Formed in 2014, the Milwaukee-based fusion of vast talent, No No Yeah Okay is comprised of Colin Plant (vocals), Mark Gage (production), Christopher Quasius (guitar), and Joshua Paynter (bass). The four friends display a widely varying musical background, creating a unified sound that a multitude of people can enjoy.
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