Mavrick Unveils New Single ‘Kids’ + Interactive Game

Mavrick Unveils New Single ‘Kids’
Swedish singer Mavrick has unveiled his brand new single Kids, which is super groovy and I adore it!

Kids is a callous and unforgiving pop track that serves as a musical middle finger to the corporations and the elite 1%. Mavrick addresses many hot button issues that are damaging the world today, from immigration to wealth inequality. As the lyrics point out, “The writing is on the wall.” This is Mavrick’s protest song; reshaping his career, capturing the zeitgeist of 2017 and dismantling pop’s innocent musical stereotypes. Stream it below!

Speaking about the single Mavrick said,
‘Kids’ is a message to all the suits; all the men in charge of the chaos and destruction in the world. We're sick of your bullshit! We're sick of the tyrant's oppression of the people. We don't care about your money! We don't care about the power you possess!
Mavrick had a pretty unceremonious split from a major label last year, mainly down to months of blocked release plans and the usual major label horror story of inactivity. So much so, he helped create a video game as part of his new single Kids. The game see’s you running from executives in suits whilst firing a ‘Keytar’ back to break yourself free of the shackles (see/play below).

Kids sets a new landmark as Mavrick’s first post-major label release. Shifting from a major label to an independent label is an important step for Marcus in regaining control over his musical career. Marcus said
I reached a point where I had completely lost myself both as an artist and as a person in the whole major label structure…They don’t care about you as a person and they don’t care about your music! Not as long as you don’t provide a profit to the company, it’s that simple. I can put together a team of people that is as passionate about my music as I am, and work together in the same direction – not pulling in ten different directions.
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