Gianni Blu Releases ‘Tell Me What It Feels Like’ ft. Mingue

Morning everybody! Time to start a sunny Sunday with some infectious dance music! Gianni Blu returns with his first single of 2018, Tell Me What It Feels Like, featuring the vocals from popular collaborator Mingue, who is known for her frequent work with Spinnin’ Records producers EDX, LVNDSCAPE and Bolier.

The record sees Blu experiment with new production techniques and step away from his progressive, future house leaning sound. In Tell Me What It Feels Like Gianni combines tropical and chill house elements with a smooth melody to deliver a yearning, bittersweet cut. Loving the guitar riffs of this super groovy and summery dance track. Stream it below!

Speaking about the song Gianni said,
'I'm so excited to start 2018 off with the release of 'Tell Me What It Feels Like' and to finally share this song with the world. I wanted to take a step back from my typical process and do something brand new for me by incorporating live instrumentation. By doing so I was able to really refresh my creative process and find inspiration from new places. The initial idea started as a piano ballad I came up with over the summer that was very stripped down with just the melody and vocals and it evolved into this much bigger project. I was diving deep into a lot the older music I had on my laptop and that's when I found Mingue's vocal on several different tracks. I immediately knew I wanted her on the record so I reached out and the rest is history. There's something so special about her voice that connected with the emotions I had about the song and I really love the way it turned out.
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