Declan J Donovan releases stunning new single ‘Human Way’

Declan J Donovan releases stunning new single ‘Human Way’
Harlow, Essex born artist Declan J Donovan has unveiled his gorgeous new single Human Way, via 0E0E Records. I'm loving those softly plucked guitar lines, atmospheric electronics - brought together wonderfully by his gorgeous, instantly recognisable vocal tone.

A contemplative, soaring ode to believing in your own abilities, Donovan penned the track during a bout of anxiety and depression - which at the time was hampering his progress as a musician. Human Way was ultimately inspired by the birth of his Nephew - which gave him a new outlook on life, putting things into context for him - encouraging him to have the confidence to go out and become the artist he is today. Stream it below!

Speaking on the lyrical meaning behind the new single, Donovan said:
I went through a lot of anxiety and depression at the start of 2016, and I thought everything I was doing in music wasn't going to work. But I wrote the song around the time my nephew was born and it really put everything I was feeling into perspective, giving me that motivation to start writing songs again and to take my music more seriously.
Exploring a positive spin on his own struggles with depression, having suffered from the illness in his teenage years — Human Way highlights the experiences of others that have suffered like him for many years. It’s about how mental illness can lead to missing out on experiences that many take for granted, such as finding love, a successful career and building a family. The purpose of the song is to deliver a positive message - that it should never be too late to follow your dreams, even if there are set backs along the way.

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