Symon Unveils "Lonely Girl" Lyric Video

Singer/songwriter Symon has just released the new lyric video to her single Lonely Girl, a gorgeous piano-ballad where her vocals shine through! Symon, who is fluent in ASL, signs completely throughout the video which you can check out below!

As someone who was bullied in High School, Symon found learning ASL to be an outlet that got her through some dark periods in her life. Her ASL teacher became an influential role model who is still actively involved in her life now. For Symon, ASL is a way to connect with other people in a special and beautiful way.

A mix between Halsey and Ariana Grande with a rebellious hint of Brooke Candy, Symon's left-of-center approach to pop music does not have one singular lane, but rather evolves with each story she tells in her songs. Combining a bit of pop, R&B, and house, Symon continues to break boundaries and push the limits of self-expression, bringing a fresh, raw, and honest perspective back to the airwaves.
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