Quincy Jones Tipped Artist Joey Dosik Set To Re-Issue ‘Game Winner’ EP

Quincy Jones Tipped Artist Joey Dosik Set To Re-Issue ‘Game Winner’ EP
Joey Dosik, praised by Quincy Jones as an Artist To Watch, will re-release his sublime debut EP, Game Winner, via Secretly Canadian on February 23rd. Originally self-released in June 2016, the re-issue will include four bonus tracks. I am in love with his smooth soulful vocals and can't wait for this re-issue.

An inveterate collaborator who has worked extensively with the likes of Vulfpeck, Nikka Costa, and Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Joey is a vital part of an LA scene that updates vintage sounds into a more contemporary context. His debut EP is no exception.

Game Winner is a brisk, emotive collection of songs, loosely inspired by the language and lore of basketball. It was Joey’s first love before music (some of his earliest memories are of attending Lakers games). After injuring his knee, he found himself confined to the couch, waiting to resume his normal life. He gravitated toward basketball, and found it seeping into his writing when he started recording again. The marriage of sports and music usually brings to mind corny arena jams or get-hyped anthems. Game Winner is anything but that. At once cool and confident, it mirrors Joey’s journey back to music—and his belief that he could get there.

Recently he premiered the official music video for Game Winner, which was directed by Rob Stenson. Watch it below!

Speaking about the video Joey said,
My dad used to say, 'Sports is a metaphor for life’. There are many characters in this classic basketball comeback story to identify with: The Underdog, The Leader, The Bad Guy, The Observer, The Team Player & The Motivator. At first look, the video and song are about basketball; but like ‘Game Winner,’ a song that holds multiple meanings, the video's story of The Underdog is universal.
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