Märvel Premiere "Angela" Music Video
Swedish rock band Märvel have premiered the official music video for their brand new single Angela, taken from their album At the Sunshine Factory, out via The Sign Records. Loving those guitar works and the overall 70's/80's rock vibe of the track! It reminds me of the best rock music from those decades! Gorgeous!! Watch the visuals below!

Angela is covering the subject of true love and separation in space, and according to the band the best way to do so is by exploring the fine art of rock’n’roll ballads. Without a doubt,  the band looks way back into history this time around,  and not only for their true love but also when it comes to production and sound. Using all the tricks to create their perfect ballad, Angela contains both an 80´s guitar solo and just the right amount of piano and choirs. Angela is the most memorable song to date from Swedish rock sensations Märvel. This track is for all the distressed lovers out there…

Märvel are:
King (vocals and guitars)
Burgher (bass)
Vicar (drums)