Hey guys! One of the things I love the most about blogging is that I get to discover awesome new acts and today I wanted to introduce you to Sunny Mac, 21, an upcoming Rap/Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and producer based out of Toronto, Canada. Sunny draws influences from acts such as Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar to deliver smooth tracks such as Freedom featuring Tom Jonez.

This year saw Sunny dropping his first project, Celestial Swing EP, which comprised of a collection of some of the first poems he ever wrote about depression, finding one's place in the universe, hope, love and perspective. My favourite tracks from this EP are Out of Sight, Best Ever and Peace, Perspective & Hope! Loving it! You can stream this marvellous piece below!

Sunny is now set to release his forthcoming album, Rabbit Whole, in early 2018 which will showcase his ability to craft smooth Rap/Hip-Hop music with jazz-influenced melodies that will captivate and engage you from the very first listen.

I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions so we can get to know him a bit more and here he talks about his inspirations, what we can expect from the album,  what he's listening at the moment, and more. Check it out below!

1. I’m in love with your song Freedom, featuring Tone Jonez. What was the inspiration behind this song?
Much love I appreciate you ❤️. When I first got into songwriting Freedom was the second piece I ever wrote, with my track Out of Sight being the first. Lyrically they are the antithesis of one another — the latter representing the cloud of self-doubt one can often trap themselves in when overthinking their own existence, and the former representing the ultimate release of that doubt by popping the suffocating bubble and venturing head-first into new exciting experiences. I’ve often felt torn between these two states of being, and so each came to me naturally as poems that would begin a music career of catharsis and love. Freedom is also one of my favourites, purely because of the positivity it exudes in both theme and sound. I love that track so much that it’s actually the only song of mine that I’ve shot a music video for thus far, which I wrote, directed & edited this time last year. Glad you enjoy it as much as I do!

2. Out of the songs you have written so far, which one is your favourite and why?
I always struggle to answer this question, a terribly inaccurate analogy I would make is it’s like having to choose a favourite amongst your own kids. But regardless, my tracks I tend to lean toward are those that have both the deepest personal meaning as well as the most intricately woven lyrical content, and for me that has to be Eye in the Sky off my debut release Celestial Swing. A truly vivid song that paints some stark imagery symbolizing the duality between the desire to succeed and the futility of existence, backed by several callbacks to previous songs on the album and double entendres to hit home it’s straddling dual nature. In second place I would have to pick Best Ever, with easily some of the best wordplay I’ve ever penned, over a mesmerizing, mystical beat, with an enchanting finale by my remarkably talented buddy SHAM.

3. What can fans expect from your debut album Rabbit Whole?
My upcoming album came to me as a direct parallel to the way I have been feeling in mind and spirit following my first project. With its literal release, and my metaphorical release of negative energy, I've been able to truly hone in on the positive mindset that I've been working so hard toward developing. I'm a much more calm, understanding person than I used to be, and so with this new project I am trying to convey a sense of tranquility and fun while still delivering the lyrical density I pride myself on.

4. Is Sunny Mac your birth name or stage name?
My birth name is Alex. It's a wonderful name don't get me wrong, but ever since I was young it has been to me too common of a name to truly represent the uniqueness I've always felt within myself. The name Sunny embodies the mindset I've been teaching myself to develop over the past few years: to always look toward the endless bright possibilities of the future, and never hold onto the darkness of the past. The word itself had always been staring me in the face considering how many times I've watched It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (one of the greatest TV shows of this generation), so it came to me naturally. Mac is one of my favourite characters from the show, and putting the two together sounded quite nice, so it stuck.

5. Was music part of your life while growing up? What drew you to pursue a music career?
I've been writing poetry since I was 14, and have always found it to be therapeutic in nature. A couple years before that I fell in love with music as an art, and every day since then a large chunk of my routines involve either the listening to and contemplation of music, or having it on in the background for whatever other activity I’m currently doing. Poetry became a natural form of self-expression for me which I found I could never release through any other medium, namely everyday conversations. This eventually led to songwriting, naturally inspired by the music I listen to every day. Granted, I feel as though I've created my own lane that is quite diverse and unique in sound, I have musical influences both sonically and lyrically that are clear to both myself and my fans. My first project, Celestial Swing, is comprised of a collection of some of the first poems I ever wrote, delving deep into themes of hope, depression, perspective, love, and finding our place in the universe. The entire process of creating the album, especially during recording sessions, felt like a natural extension of the therapeutic nature I found in writing. The catharsis of it allowed for me to release a lot of pent-up frustration and doubt I had deep within me, and one year later I am truly a more serene person.

6. What are your musical inspirations and how do they influence the way you make your own music?
My idols have always been the greatest wordsmiths in my eyes -- artists that are able to craft truly impactful and memorable art through lyrical storytelling. Growing up I was memorized by the incredibly mystical and thought-provoking songs Kid Cudi would make, and I especially connected with the emotional heft he always managed to convey with lyrics so concise. I was equally mesmerized by the way Eminem could flip syllables and plant double entendres in unique ways I couldn't even comprehend, a skill that Kendrick Lamar has perfected and gives me inspiration each and every day. Now I would be remiss to mention that I (currently) am not the most beautiful singer, however much of the emotion I am able to project through my music comes from my obssession with Frank Ocean and his uncanny ability to make you feel completely lost and deeply in love at the same time. If I could only ever listen to a single artist for the rest of my life, it would probably be him.

7. What job do you think you would be doing now if you didn't have your music career?
I’ll be graduating from University in a few months, and my vision from there on is to move to a new city, start up my own business(es), and begin a new exciting chapter in my life. I’ve already been building my entrepreneurial foundation beginning this past summer, which I foresee will be grounded in one part music, and one part empire-building. Creating my own path through life is what I’ve always wanted to do since I was kid, and I can’t imagine a life where I would be working toward any other goal.

8. Who would be your dream collaboration?
Either Kid Cudi or Frank Ocean. Both have inspired me tremendously with the powerful emotion they envelop their music in. Listening to them makes me feel things I've never even felt brought on by real-life experiences. That emotion I feel makes me want to do nothing more than make music just as powerful with words and messages of my own.

9. What was the first album you ever bought?
Physically: The Eminem Show. Digitally: Good Kid m.A.A.d City.

10. If you were given the chance to pick one artist/band to tour with which one would it be and why?
The Beatles. I think it would be a fun challenge to try and perform alongside a band so legendary, with so many legendary songs the crowd knows every single word to, and attempt to capture that same energy with my performance. Spoiler: it doesn’t work, and the crowd wonders why this isn’t a Beatles solo tour. With that feedback I’d hope to find more motivation to make amazing music that stand the test of time.

11. What music are you currently listening to?
Everything hip hop and R&B. My favourite albums this year came from Tyler, The Creator, SZA, Kendrick, Joey Bada$$, Vince Staples, and many, many others. At the moment I’m listening to Jaden Smith’s SYRE & Roy Woods’ Say Less.

12. If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?
Kanye’s MBDTF or Frank Ocean’s Blonde. Or Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly. Oh wait, I have to pick one? Ok, Childish Gambino’s Royalty. Or maybe Frank’s nostalgia, ULTRA...

13. What is your favourite song of this year so far?
Boredom by Tyler, The Creator. I relate to this song way too much. I get way too many feels when I listen to it. The beat is way too wavy. The imagery is way too vivid. The message is way too powerful. I love this song so much.

 Sunny is set to release his upcoming single, H2O, featuring bryn in early 2018!


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