Dana and The Wolf Drop New Single "Him"

US pop duo Dana and The Wolf have just dropped their brand new single Him, a song about  the departure from religion. Daniel (producer) comes from a very religious background and over the years he has departed from it, and forming his own opinions about what is right or wrong. Loving that gritty beat, the timbre of Dana Hobson's vocals and those guitar strings and infectious chorus. Stream it below!

The lyrics go after flaws in our relationships, in heaven and on earth. Speaking about the song Dana said,
You could relate it to a man, a toxic relationship with a man, but it could also be a toxic relationship with organized religion.
The track draws inspiration from Wolf’s separation from Judaism at 18 and delves into the ways in which religion, like a domestic abuser, can keep a person trapped in fear. Daniel said,
There’s always in the back of my mind the fear like, am I going to be deeply punished for having given it up? It’s so ridiculous bec