Belle Miners drop new single "Night Flight"

Belle Miners
Glorious folk-pop trio Belle Miners have released a stunning music video to accompany their latest single, Night Flight.

Taken from their 10-track debut album Powerful Owl, Canadian friends and musicians Felicia Harding and Marina Avros and Australian-based Jaime Jackett blend beautifully into the starry night sky of the Kimberley in outback Western Australia. Their soaring harmonies and delicate instrumentation pop against a sparkling violet vision of moonlit horizons and Magpie geese flying to roost over a blood-red sunset.

The video captures the emotion behind the song's lyrics and deep personal meaning for Jaime, as well as the strong connection Belle Miners have with Australia's birds and the freedom of its landscape. Jamie said
I imagined myself as a spirit, having left my body, soaring out into the vast expanse beyond our blue-green planet, flying through the cool air like I always wished I could as a child.
The birds were filmed by Simon Mustoe (Belle Miners Manager and founder of Wildiaries) and Nick Hayward (whose most famous work includes the Lyrebird sequence from Attenborough's Life of Birds). The footage was originally collected over 150 days, for a tourism series about Australia's people, nature and places - and even includes a film about Broome Bird Observatory where Jaime now works.
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