JES Sends Positive Vibes with New Track "Get Me Through the Night"

JES Sends Positive Vibes with New Track "Get Me Through the Night"
California-based singer-songwriter JES is sending positive vibes with her brand new track, Get Me Through the Night, a poignant and emotionally stirring stand out from her upcoming EP. The track opens with her signature melodic synth and is soon joined by a deep bassline that carries through its powerful chorus.

JES's lyrical consciousness is on display with Get Me Through the Night, a commentary on the yearning for human connection in the vast emptiness of today's hearts.

JES wrote Get Me Through the Night as a message of encouragement to her listeners. She said,
When the night brings out the sadness of a messed up love, that emptiness can be filled with the strength of pushing through the bad times. I wanted to write something that put that idea of light and dark into the context of a relationship, because it all comes down to not giving up and having faith that you will pull through in the end.
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