Boy Epic Unleashes Inner Animal In Latest Video “Wolf”
Cinematic pop artist Boy Epic has premiered the official music video for his single Wolf, an intoxicating continuation of the previously released video, Trust. The song explores the dark sides of our minds where complex, raw human emotions like love and lust thrive. The single is equal parts sexy and dangerous, with a haunting piano melody that plays with your mind like a nefarious lullaby. Watch it below!

Co-written by Boy Epic and Cut Down Trees, Wolf is about unleashing your inner animal and letting those instincts take over, revealing our true selves. Boy Epic says,
The song is about the discovery of our subconscious minds. Tapping on the surface of uncontrolled thoughts and melancholy we all share within ourselves.
A passionate filmmaker, Boy Epic also directed and edited the video.
The story is in the small details, forcing you to use your imagination. I wanted to capture a balance visually that would make you question this man’s motives, love him, hate him, and capitalize on the idea that everyone’s strange in their own unique way.