KTEE Premieres "Rollercoaster" Video

Austrian singr/songwriter KTEE has premiered the official music video for her new single Rollercoaster. This is an incredibly catchy pop track that explores the ups and downs of being in a relationship, the track was very nearly never written. KTEE recalls giving up on writing for the day when her songwriting partner improvised a riff which became the verse. Within an hour, the full track was written. It’s a flawless piece of hook-driven pop that’s sonically perfect for those summer parties. The video explores a road trip through the streets of Barcelona on an impulsive joyride. Watch it below!

Speaking about the video KTEE said,
Filming in an actual roller coaster seemed too cheesy and obvious for me so we came up with the roadtrip idea. We loved the idea of filming in a city with a beach, so we flew the crew out to Barcelona and spent an awesome 2 days filming. However, we weren’t that lucky with the weather. It doesn’t look like it, but it was really windy and I caught a bad cold from being on the beach. Totally worth it.

KTEE has been destined for a musical journey from the very start. Countless hours spent working on vocals in her room in the small town of Maria Neustift, Austria, have led her to various locations around Europe and performances with the likes of Katrina and the Waves, Aura Dione and legendary Dutch producers Bolland and Bolland.

Since leaving her small-town lifestyle in Austria, KTEE studied at The University of Vienna where she received numerous noise complaints from neighbours and friends alike. However she kept pushing on and eventually met her now producer Bern Wagner and has been working with him ever since. She then took the step to pack up and move to Dublin, where her passion for songwriting really flourished.
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