J.D. King Premieres ‘Eloise’ Music Video

J.D. King Premieres ‘Eloise’ Music Video
J.D. King has premiered the official music video for Eloise, the second single from his upcoming full-length album, Moon Gardens, out later this year. Such a super smooth track guys! The Bossa Nova beat of the song creates a unique vibe that resonates with listeners and is perfectly complemented by its accompanying short film. Watch it below!

Shot and directed by French cinematographer Juju Sorelli, Eloise stars actress and model Zoe Bleu as the eponymous character with appearances by King and his partner Linda Ramone. When asked about the meaning of the song, King explains,
I put the words in unconsciously and later realized it was about Linda. She’s like a respected queen, but I see her as an innocent doll-like girl.
About Sorelli’s direction, King added that he knew
she would be perfect to put her special je ne sais quoi into each shot.
The music video shows a dichotomy of the character of Eloise, at first dressed in regal colors of red, gold and black with a mask on slyly walking around but once this mask is removed, the innocent girl is revealed and the tone of the video becomes more playful.

Eloise follows his gorgeous single Midnight Rendezvous!
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