Apollo Makes His Earthly Debut with Stunning Album "Skydive"

Time for some gorgeous electronic music! Vancouver's Apollo has dropped his stunning debut album, Skydive, and this is a lovely piece of electronic music! The album transcends the corporeal experience and rises into the metaphysical. Skydive tells the story of Apollo as the sonic savior to our world, descending to Earth from another galaxy to spread positivity, peace and healing through music; his sound is distinctively and appropriately ethereal and utterly unique, captivating the listener and not releasing its hold until Apollo has conquered the world with light. If you're into chill-house electronica then this release is perfect for you!

From the melodic opening of the album's self-titled track, to the upbeat and empowering Our Voices, to the funky and cathartic Dominion, Skydive evokes soft, watercolor tones in the shades of the sky and sunset. Other favourite tracks are FYE and Forever, featuring Katy Gonsalves. Stream it below!

Joel Jasper is the instrumentalist, producer, and creative genius behind the Apollo project. Based in Vancouver, Jasper is no newcomer to the music scene - his love of all things musical began when he first picked up a guitar at the age of 13, then blossomed into a full-fledged career when he discovered electronic music during his time at university.
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