The Plague release touching new single "Will You Ever Know Me"

The Plague release touching new single "Will You Ever Know Me"
Rochester-based "Futurepunk" band The Plague has released their latest single Will You Ever Know Me. The track is a very personal story about frontman David Adam Monroe's relationship with his father. He says,
He was diagnosed with cancer at a time where our relationship was not at a strong point. The song is about grieving the loss of a relationship, when part of you wants to keep hope alive.

Will You Ever Know Me will be on The Plague's debut album Hope For The F.U.T.U.R.E, set to come out on October 13th via Recover Records.

Before starting The Plague, Monroe led the band Third Estate who appeared on Warped Tour from 02-06 and toured with many established acts such as Story Of The Year, Yellowcard, and My Chemical Romance. After their disbandment, Monroe began producing records alongside Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) and Earl Cohen (Lady Gaga, Pink, Jessica Simpson), and served as an A&R rep for Victory and Torque records.
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