Swimming Girls Unveil New Single ‘2 Kids’

 Swimming Girls Unveil New Single ‘2 Kids’
A month after their debut single, Tastes Like Money, Bristol-based Dark Dream-Pop 4-piece band Swimming Girls have unveiled their brand new single 2 Kids. If Tastes Like Money was the band's shimmering, pop-punk nod to the 80’s, 2 Kids is its brooding 90’s indie counterpart. Swimming Girls demonstrate their ability to explore both light and dark. 2 Kids is a mesmeric anthem, which the band says aims to "scrutinise young love against a dark cinematic backdrop". Stream it below!

I adore Tastes Like Money for its shimmering vibe but 2 Kids also appeals to a darker brooding type of music that I can also relate to.

Swimming Girls, formed as part of a ‘musical project’ whilst they were all studying separately in Bath - put together entirely randomly and asked to, quite simply, ‘write a song’. Finding common ground with a group fixation on the warmth and nostalgia of 70’s and 80’s pop culture, the bands inspiration all comes from the same sources – The Cure, Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club alongside cult films like ‘Heathers’ and the timeless work of David Lynch. 

Swimming Girls are Vanessa, Jay, Roo and Max!
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