Pontea Premieres "Come Over" Music Video

Pontea Premieres "Come Over" Music Video
Electro-pop singer-songwriter, Pontea (pronounced Pon-tuh), has released her wistful yet sultry new music video for Come Over, the second single off of her upcoming EP, Unpredictable, out August 18th. Loving those piano keys, synth works, and her powerful vocals! The song is a catchy and relatable tune about the vulnerability and temptation that follows a break up that will have listeners singing along to its soulful yet melancholy vocal melodies. Come Over is Pontea’s first original music video. Check it out below!

Directed by Brad Wong, Come Over is a window to one of Pontea’s most trying moments, suffering through the immediate feelings from the end of a four-year relationship. The very moments late at night that she fought back temptations of going back to a dead end relationship were the moments in which she would write the song. Pontea added,
I needed to stay strong and remember why we ended, but couldn’t help myself. All those reasons flew out the door and I just missed him.
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