Matt Koelsch Unveils New Single ‘Incomplete’

Matt Koelsch Unveils New Single ‘Incomplete’
Passionate folk singer/songwriter, Matt Koelsch is back with a gorgeous new single called Incomplete. Such a beautiful and smooth track guys! Loving the piano keys, warm cello and melancholy melodies. Stream it below!

Incomplete follows his previously released single Perfectly Aligned, a catchy and upbeat track with a perfect summer vibe.

Koelsch’s latest EP, entitled Thinking of You was co-produced with Eugene Toale (Kanye West, Las Cafeteras). The EP was influenced by time and place, the result of being 3,000 miles away from home and the rollercoaster lifestyle of being submersed within the vibrant and diverse city of Los Angeles. Koelsch said,
Being in this setting during my late 20’s early 30’s has affected my writing because it has made me more vulnerable. There is more time and space to explore and discover when you are in a completely new and foreign setting, removed from the comforts of your close network of relationships.
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