Kylie Spence Shares Debut Single "Lying Eyes"

Kylie Spence
16 year old singer-songwriter Kylie Spence has just released her debut single Lying Eyes. This song is a moody, alternative pop track that explores the dark depths of being in a tumultuous relationship. Backed by a staccato guitar strum, Kylie’s crisp, yet emotive vocals hit you with such power and conviction that it’s shocking she only just turned 16. She's definitely an old soul! Stream it below!

I love the way she tells a story and her vocals are packed with so much emotion. Really excited with this track! Can't wait to see what she's going to deliver next! Production wise, Lying Eyes sees elements of darker, electronic pop and rolling guitar lines, making it reminiscent of Billie Eilish or The Neighbourhood. The track utilizes a mixture of modern and vintage instruments, like a mellotron, wurlitzer, and harmonium, to give it a sharp, but warm and tangible sound that gives you visions of the California desert.

Kylie Spence wrote and recorded her first song when she was only 12 years old and, from then on, she’s been hooked. She quickly recognized the power in using her voice to give her lyrics a deeper meaning and eagerly began refining her skills in piano, guitar, and ukulele to assist in her recording endeavors. Shortly after discovering this drive for performing, Kylie was hit with an autoimmune disorder and found herself unable to sing due to her respiratory health condition. So, instead of singing, she wrote.

Kylie holed herself up in her music room for the better part of a year and wrote song after song. Now 16, the Laguna Beach artist has turned these songwriting sessions into a daring debut EP. Touching on topics well beyond her years, Kylie views the world with a deep sense of empathy and is able to draw inspiration from her own experiences, familiar personal struggles, and the world around her.
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