JADE Unveils New Single "Find A Place"

JADE Unveils New Single "Find A Place"
Emerging, indie-pop artist, JADE has unveiled her brand new single Find A Place, the debut single from her upcoming EP, PINK, slated for release on Friday, August 25th. Find A Place is a dreamy single with a whimsical, atmospheric vibe created by JADE's harmonies, reminiscent of Billie Eilish, Halsey, and Maggie Rogers. Stream it below!

Lyrically, says JADE,
it’s about being in a relationship that you know is destined to fail and wanting to escape somewhere to try and make it work. It's all about wanting to get away from reality with someone you care about.

JADE’s forthcoming EP PINK symbolizes the end of an era for the 19 year old singer-songwriter. Having written songs since age 8, her lyrics exhibit an insight beyond her years, all while still being firmly engrained in the experience of being young. All the songs were written in different points of her life, with each having an entirely different mindset behind them. JADE said,
PINK is where I landed after going through the phases of growing up and changing to accept myself. I ran away from the color pink for as long as I can remember. Not because of the color itself, but because of what it represented. Or, what I thought it represented. I know who I am and what I'm about, and I got tired of running from things I should have been embracing.
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