Hannah Featherstone Premieres ‘Solo’ Music Video

Hannah Featherstone Premieres ‘Solo’ Music Video
British artist Hannah Featherstone releases new music video for her brand new single Solo. Hannah's music is a fine balance between pop, jazz and soul. Her voice floats, her piano grooves. Solo is taken from her upcoming album due to be released later this year, and is an image of a solitude which is both peaceful and restless. Check out the music video, created by Estienne Rylle and Noemie Daval, below!

Born in England and raised in France, over the years Hannah Featherstone has developed a love for languages and the patterns and rhythms of sound. From an early age, she studied classical piano and performed as a singer in gospel choirs. She later extended the character of her voice by enlarging her repertoire through improvisation in jazz, world and instrumental music. The compositions from her first solo album, Comfort Zone, are a reflection of this subtle blend of styles.

Currently living in Paris, she is making her mark in the French music scene, playing in iconic venues such as the Olympia, le Parvis de Notre-Dame de Paris et du Sacré Coeur, la Bellevilloise, le zèbre de Belleville. Her collaborations with artists from Holland, Germany and Greece have enabled her to develop a European following. She's now keen to return to her roots in her home-country, England.
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