CHVNGES Unveil New Single ‘Mischief Managed’

CHVNGES Unveil New Single ‘Mischief Managed’
Happy Friday everybody!! Time for some smooth electronic music! CHVNGES, a duo comprised of accomplished multi-instrumental musicians, Damon Koolstra and Cameron Davies, have unveiled their brand new single Mischief Managed, out on August 4th.

I'm loving the laidback vibe of this track guys! Mischief Managed is a slower and bright electrode glow with its pop-percussive delivery, a burning story between two lovers flirting and floating within an anonymous city, the familiar face you search for in a crowd that changes with each unnoticed instant. Stream it below!

CHVNGES is more about seeing what the two men can create without any barriers. Cameron says,
We know what we are capable of, the question is will other people be into it? The answer to that question doesn't matter to us either way; having people support something you are passionate about is always a good feeling. We have been writing music together since we were kids so the material is endless. The beauty is that we can pull out an idea that we didn't use 5 years ago and build something on it now. That's what this is about for us, writing what we want, how we want.

Modern and audibly dangerous, CHVNGES substitute seduction for violence and then back again. With slinky backbeats made from equal parts purring bass and a voice that is safe in its familiarity - a reflection in yourself if you choose to stare long enough.
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