Andrew Johnston Premieres "Redheads" Video

Andrew Johnston Premieres "Redheads" Video
Indie/Pop Rock artist Andrew Johnston has premiered the official music video for his brand new single Redheads. I fell in love with those guitar chords and the way his vocals flow effortlessly throughout the track. It's a folk-inspired track with an anthemic vibe! The imaginative music video was directed by Sinbad Richardson who has worked with various notables including Sam Roberts, Plants and Animals, and Young Galaxy. Watch it below!

Redheads is taken from the sessions for the Murray Lightburn produced album The New Great Game.  As Andrew explains in a statement the track almost never made it out of its earliest incarnations.
Redheads is a really personal song for me that I never thought would make it beyond the bedroom.  Since it deals with themes of mental illness and suicide which cut pretty close for me, I thought it would be too personal of a track to put out.  However, my wife sarah encouraged me to follow through with the track, and Murray made sure we captured the combustible, erratic energy that you can hear in the recording. 
The relationships I’ve had with friends, lovers and family members that have suffered with mental illness and depression have profoundly affected my life.  I guess i was trying to work through these emotions by putting out this track.
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