Roadcase Royale Premiere "Not Giving Up" Video

Roadcase Royale Premiere "Not Giving Up" Video
Rock and R&B-influenced group Roadcase Royale have premiered the official music video for their brand new single Not Giving Up.  This rock song contains politically charged lyrics, following in the footsteps of the band’s debut single, Get Loud, which debuted at the January 21st Women’s March.

I am completely addicted to Ryan Waters' iconic bluesy guitar riff paired with Warfield's strong vocals. The song’s refrain sends a message to stay strong in today’s politically divisive times, saying,
 “We watch you building up the wall, We’re waiting just to see it fall,
I’m saying we’re not givin’ up, givin’ up, no.”

Nancy Wilson had this to say about Not Giving Up:
The first time I listened to Liv and Ryan’s track of Not Giving Up, I was floored by the deceptive simplicity and the powerful message of their song. I could hear the potential to make it our own. I knew right away we would be able to take that song not just for a test drive but straight onto the big rock race track!"

Fronted by former Prince collaborator Liv Warfield and Nancy Wilson, co-founder of Heart, Roadcase Royale has a rich background in rock and R&B. Warfield, Wilson, and their bandmates bring their decades of experience from the upper echelon of the music industry to Roadcase Royale, along with a renewed sense of direction and drive. Joining Wilson and Warfield are Warfield’s lead guitarist Ryan Waters and Heart veterans Dan Rothchild (bass), Ben Smith (Drums) and Chris Joyner (Keys). Each of these members shines in ROADCASE ROYALE, with their various sensibilities creating the group’s sensitive, passionate, and driving rock and R&B sound.
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