Perth emcee Reams shares new single "People"

Perth emcee Reams shares new single "People"
British-born and now Perth-based emcee Reams has unveiled his brand new single People. From writing raps and recording on a macbook in his bedroom at age 14, Reams is an old soul in a new era of DIY Aussie hip-hop. With a growing catalogue of heavy-hitting and gritty tracks about drug abuse, young lives and personal addictions, Reams' ability lies in his incredibly versatile vocals and production. Stream it below!

Reams says of the track
Personal break ups, set backs and ambitions change us everyday; everything is confusing at some point in our lives, 'People' describes how we adapt to our problems and handle situations.

Born in the UK, Reams (Reece Philpott) moved to the pearly sands of Western Australia at age 10 and by 15 had found his love for Australian MC’s along with the culture. Reams began writing rhymes to pass the bad days, developing a knack for writing conjoined lyrics with melody along with subtle digs at the pretend rappers of the day. He became a founding member of the rap trio Intrusive Thoughts who released a self-titled EP, however soon set out to forge his own creative path as Reams. His upcoming album Snowy Roads is set to come out soon!
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